We are Pomerleau

Our leadership team consists of passionate leaders with varied backgrounds. Together, they lead our strategic vision and guide our teams to shape the future.

Proud to be responsible, fair and open

Pomerleau is a private company that operates with integrity. Our Board of Directors ensures good governance, strategic discipline and effective risk oversight. With internal and external representation, the Board is comprised of accomplished leaders with varied backgrounds.


Chair of the Board of Directors

  • Pierre Pomerleau /  Chair of the Board | President & CEO, Pomerleau inc.


  • Francis Pomerleau /  Director | Chief executive – National Strategy, Pomerleau inc.
  • Michael M. Fortier /  Lead Director |  Vice Chairman, RBC Capital Markets
  • Philippe Adam /  Director | Executive Vice President and CFO, Pomerleau inc.
  • Alain Tremblay  /  Director |   Managing Director, Private Equity – Quebec
  • Charles Guay  /  Director |  President and COO, SuccessFinder
  • Patricia Curadeau-Grou  / Director |  Consultant