The Pomerleau Way

Guided by our family values and innovation since our founding in 1966, we are now a leader in the construction industry in Canada.

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Our Vision

Rethinking Construction

We want to be the best partners in the business by constantly striving to better our relationships and our products.


We don’t pretend to do this on our own. We complete our projects with our clients, partners and employees in a humble and open-minded way.

From Idea to Completion 

And we do so by bringing value along the chain—with passion and intelligence.

Everywhere. At all times. 

Not on only one project or in one department of our operations, but across the board.


For us, these are more than words. This is our promise. We set the bar high, and we are always raising it higher. Every day. No compromises.

Values that Drive Us

Our relationships are strong, stable and real. Our dedication and family approach create true long-lasting value.

Rigour, development, perseverance, and expertise within our teams guarantee performance and excellence, no matter the project.

Our creative agility and collaborative team spirit allows us to bring solutions to the table that meet the needs of our clients, the industry, and our communities.

Innovation is the key that empowers our people and our clients to achieve their objectives efficiently and effectively. It contributes to the success of an entire industry.

Yes, love. Love of our profession, of ideas and people. Love of finding unparalleled solutions for the benefit of our communities.

Our Corporate Responsibility

We want to solidify our commitment to the main principles of sustainable development, and have the highest standards of environmental management for our projects.

Innovation is Anchored in our DNA

The Pomerleau Way

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Health and Safety

We take the health and safety of our teams and partners very seriously. Our program contains very clear and efficient processes on which we make no compromises.

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We believe that meeting the highest standards of quality is a way of life. Our commitment to quality goes far beyond ISO certification – our team strives for excellence across the company.

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Leadership Team

Our leadership team consists of passionate leaders with varied profiles. Together, they lead our strategy vision and guide our teams to shape the future.