Ethics and compliance: to cement our relationships

We provide you with a 100% anonymous and confidential reporting line managed by an external firm.

Authenticity is chief among our five corporate values, and there’s a good reason for that! Integrity is the cornerstone of solid relationships. We pride ourselves on creating sustainable and reliable value through our commitment, transparency and a family approach.

 True to our values, we have set up an anonymous and confidential reporting line to report your concerns. If you become aware of any irregularitiess or violations of our governance documents, Code of Ethics, Suppliers’ Code of Conduct, policies or anylegal requirements,




On the web


By phone: 1-866-831-4085 by speaking directly with a Clearview representative or by leaving a message on our voicemail.


Questions? Contact our Ethics and Compliance Team at

Our Code of ethics

We believe that ethical behaviour that promotes sound practices benefits our company, our employees and our partners!

Based on our vision and values, we have established a Code of ethics that governs our principles of integrity and our expectations of everyone who represents our company. We are committed to upholding our code in all our business relationships.

Suppliers’ Code of Conduct

At Pomerleau, acting with integrity is not only a duty, but also the only type of conduct we encourage and value. We expect the same of any person or entity doing business with us.

An anti-bribery management system in compliance with the ISO 37001 standard

To affirm our leadership in the construction industry, we have begun implementing an anti-bribery management system in accordance with ISO 37001:2016. This international standard helps us prevent, detect and deal with corruption through various means, such as management of our corruption risks, awareness and training, internal and external audits, as well as a continuous improvement plan requiring us to always surpass ourselves in our good practices.

Respecting our privacy obligations: a priority

If you have any questions or concerns, or if you become aware of any irregularities, please do not hesitate to contact our privacy officer at


  • Geoffroi Labelle – Privacy Officer