Jaime Freyre De Andrade

Chief Operating Officer, Major Projects


Jaime Freyre De Andrade

Jaime Freyre De Andrade, Pomerleau’s Chief Operating Officer - Major Projects, is responsible for creating a new business sector, implementing best practices, and developing stakeholder relations to ensure success. 

Jaime is recognized for his exceptional leadership and ability to connect colleagues from different companies to collaborate on major projects. 

In his previous role at SNC-Lavalin, Jaime was Senior Vice President and Project Director at NouvLR, the consortium responsible for building the Réseau express métropolitain (REM) which opened its doors to the public July 31, 2023. Prior to this,  Jaime worked for Spain’s FCC Servicios Ciudadanos for over 18 years, winning and building transportation, bridge, building, and water treatment projects in Europe, North America, and the Middle East.    

Jaime holds a master’s degree in civil engineering from the University of Cantabria in Spain. 

Pomerleau value he identifies with the most: Adaptability