Innovative Technological Solutions

As a leader in innovation, we develop and use cutting-edge technologies that allow us to perform on time, on budget, while prioritizing quality in complex and changing environments. We strive to shape the industry, improve our processes and enhance our ways of building for tomorrow.


Modelling and Coordination

We have been using and perfecting the BIM (Building Information Modelling) approach for several years. The modelling allows us to effectively visualize many crucial parameters of our large-scale projects, including schedule, budgets and quality. 

Modelling can generate significant benefits not only during the various design and construction phases, but also for the entire life cycle of the building. 

Creation of 3D Models

We create 3D models from different sources, including energy and construction simulations, project operations and maintenance. Our experts can also propose modelling standards for our partners and offer them modelling assistance tools. 

Multidisciplinary 3D Coordination

By modelling all the necessary elements of our projects, we can conduct constructability analysis even before starting the work. 

Any interference, for example  electromechanical systems or in the installation of structures, can thus be detected upstream. Site logistics can therefore be planned optimally and safely. 

BIM for Operation and Maintenance

We can leverage the BIM approach used during construction to operate and maintain facilities throughout their lifecycle.

As we complete a project and based on the needs of owners and operators, we can provide very precise data on each component of a client’s building or infrastructure, allowing them to optimize their efficiency and sustainability

Planning and Sequencing of Work

4D simulations

Understanding a timeline is essential for the success of our projects.

This is why we create high-quality 4D simulations to validate construction sequences, optimize work and ensure a common understanding of the planning involved.

LEAN Approach

Given that collaboration is the key to success on all our projects, we have developed tools inspired by the best practices of LEAN construction, allowing both our clients and our partners to actively participate in the planning.

Data Acquisition

3D Laser Scan

The point cloud generated by laser scanning allows us to have an accurate 3D model of reality, whether for a future project’s pre-existing conditions or for a project under construction so that we can follow its progress. 


On our various projects, our pilots carry out flight operations with drones equipped with ultra powerful cameras.  

By taking photos and videos, we can inspect the structures safely and analyze the data with precision to ensure the project is progressing as planned.

360° Photos

We take 360° photos periodically and compare the images to 3D models designed by our teams to ensure the progress of the project. Data analysis will support the smooth running of operations throughout the project and give the various stakeholders virtual access to our sites.


We partnered with The Factry, Canada’s first training centre, which specializes in developing creative skills, to create the Pomerleau aXLab. The lab is dedicated to integrating innovative technology into the construction industry. Our research and development team tests ideas in the lab and later implement solutions on sites, benefiting employees and clients. aXLab is a place for young professionals to explore and learn, inspiring a new generation of innovators.  

Virtual Reality

virtual reality activity

Virtual reality allows the site teams, customers and end users to visualize the project in total immersion even before the construction starts. With this cutting-edge technology, we can anticipate issues, make more informed decisions, save time, improve collaboration between the various partners and, above all, communicate the project in a more intuitive fashion with its end users.