Third-party recruiting policy

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Attracting top talent

Pomerleau partners with third-party recruiting agencies and sincerely believes that its continued success relies on its ability to attract top talent. Pomerleau respects the time and energy required to source qualified and interested candidates. Given this, Pomerleau works with a group of preferred vendors that have been selected as a result of an intense screening and evaluation process carried out by the organization’s Talent Acquisition team.

Preferred vendors work very closely with Pomerleau’s talent acquisition specialists and have demonstrated their ability to deliver high-quality candidates.

In the event that a recruiter or agency submits a resumé or candidate without an agreement, Pomerleau shall explicitly reserve the right to pursue and hire such candidate(s) without any financial obligation to the recruiter or agency. Any unsolicited resumés, including those submitted to hiring managers, shall be deemed the property of Pomerleau.

Pomerleau does not accept unsolicited phone calls.

Becoming a Third-Party Recruiting Vendor

If you would like to be considered as a potential preferred vendor, please contact Pomerleau via e-mail through Include information about your firm as well as a primary point of contact. Please note that providing this information DOES NOT qualify you as a preferred vendor.

All vendors must have an executed Pomerleau preferred vendor agreement, signed by the Director of Talent Acquisition. Securing a signed preferred vendor agreement from the Director of Talent Acquisition is the only way you will be paid. Verbal and written commitments from any other member of the Pomerleau staff will not be considered binding terms.

Pomerleau will not pay a fee to a third-party recruiter that has not coordinated its recruiting activity with a member of the Talent Acquisition team.

It is the responsibility of all third-party recruiting/staffing agencies to know this policy.