Creating sustainable solutions today for the future

We are committed to being an exemplary corporate citizen and to building structures in harmony with the communities of tomorrow.

Building and sky with birds

We consider that environmental protection, social commitment and sound governance are key factors for any company in the construction industry that aspires to the sustainable development of its activities and of our society.

This is why we are committed to conducting our operations in line with pollution prevention and with respect for our ecosystems, our resources and our communities.


To make our commitments a reality, we have implemented an environmental management system that aims to obtain ISO 14001: 2015 certification. This system guides our operations so that they are in constant compliance with environmental obligations, whether they arise from regulations, our clients, the highest industry requirements or the various certifications in sustainable construction.

Pomerleau's environmental management system enables the implementation and promotion of a uniform standard in environmental management on all our sites.

This is demonstrated by:

  • The upstream assessment of all the environmental issues and risks during the project’s life cycle, whether it is a building or a civil project.
  • The management of these environmental issues by the project teams via the implementation of mitigation measures, monitoring, raising awareness and training.
  • Disseminating environmental plans and procedures that are robust, while remaining agile, in order to oversee the environmental management of each project according to its context and environment.
  • The use of digital platforms for project supervision, recording  monitoring data  and analysis of performance indicators, which leads to operational efficiency and suitable documentation of our environmental activities.
  • Internal expert groups that keep collective knowledge on sustainable construction up to date and support all projects in achieving certification and environmental performance objectives.

Our project teams are also supported by a team of diversified environmental specialists (biologists, geologists, engineers, etc.)e in addition to benefiting from environmental advisors on project sites with significant challenges. This team also has experience in representing and advising our clients vis-à-vis the various environmental government authorities.