Sustainable Solutions

We are committed to being an exemplary corporate citizen and to building structures in harmony with the communities of tomorrow.

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Pomerleau considers that environmental protection, community engagement and sound governance are key factors for any company in the construction industry that aspires to be sustainable. Therefore, we are committed to conducting our operations in a manner consistent with pollution prevention and respect for our ecosystems, our resources, and our communities. 

Pomerleau’ actions are guided by Perspective, the company’s environmental, social, and governance strategy. Launched in 2022, Pomerleau’s strategy is comprised of six strategic priorities – climate change, circular economy, community relations, Indigenous relations, diversity, equity, and inclusion, and innovation – and highlights the company’s ESG ambitions, performance, and objectives. Pomerleau’s commitments to these priorities allows the company to innovate and advance the industry, improve its relationships with the communities in which it operates, and to better meet the needs and expectations of its employees, clients, partners, and investors. 

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Our Perspective on ESG 

From our perspective, the integration of ESG principles into all our practices and relationships with our clients and partners, is an essential factor required to move the industry in the right direction. That’s why we rely on our ESG plan to structure and guide our activities. 

Our ESG plan is a pathway forward guided by our ambitions and the evolving needs of our industry, communities, and our planet. It holds our actions accountable and tracks our progress. It is a call to action to place the environmental and social dimensions of the projects we build at the forefront. 

With our investors, clients and partners, we are committed to the decarbonization of our activities, the design and construction of sustainable projects, and the implementation of circular economy practices to accelerate the transition to a low-carbon economy. 

Beyond the environment, we are dedicated to building projects that create lasting impact in our communities and foster capacity building for Indigenous peoples. That’s why we are working with Indigenous communities across the country to build lasting business partnerships and share knowledge. 

We have always been committed to creating a work environment that enables our teams to reach their full potential. Our employees are at the heart of our values.  We strive to preserve their physical and mental well-being, while allowing them to realize their full potential. To offer everyone an equal chance to progress and in hopes that all our stakeholders recognize themselves in our way of doing things, we have adopted a strategy that revolves around a guiding principle: integrate Diversity, Equity and Inclusion into all our practices and processes.   

ESG News 

Environmental Management 

At Pomerleau, sound environmental management across our operations from coast-to-coast is essential. That’s why we implement and maintain an environmental management system (EMS) certified by ISO 14001:2015.   

Our EMS enables us to implement a standardized approach to best: 

  • Assess environmental issues and risks throughout an activity’s life cycle and implement appropriate mitigation measures, thus protecting the environmental. 
  • Maintain environmental compliance to appropriate requirements. 
  • Implement and follow high standard procedures and plans, while remaining agile to frame the environmental management of each activity according to its context. 
  • Pursue and reach ambitious environmental performance. 
  • Implement continuous improvement in environmental management of Pomerleau’s activities. 
  • Build positive relationships with communities. 

Consult our Environmental Policy. 

Sustainable Construction 

The design and construction of sustainable infrastructure is one of the levers with which we are accelerating the transition towards a net-zero world. There is a demand for projects aiming for sustainable certification and we have the expertise to fulfill it. 

As one of the first construction companies to become a member of the Canadian Green Building Council, we have over 190 certified projects to our credit and our expertise in sustainable construction extends beyond LEED projects to Zero Carbon Buildings, Passive House, Green Globes and Envision certifications.

We actively aim to reduce the ecological footprint of our projects. Our sustainable construction specialists and accredited professionals accompany clients, who aim for sustainable certifications, to help define their objectives, collaborate with expert suppliers, and offer optimal solutions based on cost, feasibility, and performance. 

Our group of experts are at the forefront of innovation. They are working with the latest methods, materials, and systems to reduce our projects’ carbon footprints, water usage and waste production amounts to maximize benefits for future users and communities. 

We leverage our expertise in prefabrication, mass timber construction, life cycle analysis, and low carbon materials to shape a sustainable future. 

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