Ready for Pomerleau’s challenges?

Teamwork is at the heart of our success, even outside of work. That’s why we like to offer our employees across Canada major challenges that combine sports and all kinds of stimulating activities.

Collaborate Better to Perform Better

Facing unaccustomed obstacles together favours creativity and requires that we surpass our own limits.

Since 2009, Pomerleau has been hosting challenges to promote well-being and perseverance and raise money for charities across Canada. Participants are given the resources to train together prior to the event. Together, they work towards a common goal, while building relationships and learning from one another- something that is witnessed on our sites daily. 

people on steps posing for a picture

2023 – Survivor Challenge in Sherbrooke, Quebec

  • 509 participants and 75 volunteers from three companies (Pomerleau, Borea and ITC Construction) and every office across Canada partook in the event. 
  • 75 teams competed against each other at Bishop’s University. The survivor themed challenge included 15 games that challenged participants’ agility, strength, endurance, strategy, and communications skills.  
  • Participants trained together for four months including group sessions at Orange Theory. 
  • Participants raised more than $122,000 for Tree Canada and the Canadian Mental Health Association. 

2020 – Virtual Challenge from Victoria to St. John’s

  • Over 400 Pomerleau employees signed up and were divided into two teams. 
  • The athletes met on their respective virtual starting lines. 
  • Their common goal: to engage in physical activity to collectively accumulate the 7,289 kilometres that separate our project sites in Victoria from our office in St. John’s. 
  • Team West Side Story: Faster Than Your Internet started in Victoria  faced off against Team East Side Story: More Powerful Than Your Wi-Fi, who took off from St. John’s.

2017 – Multi-Sports Challenge in Saguenay Fjord National Park 

  • 322 participants represented all Pomerleau offices across Canada.
  • Participants partook in a 23 km hike, 200 m Via Ferrata circuit, 6 km raft paddle and a 5-km obstacle course.
  • A 30-hour challenge over 2 days that required four months of training.

2014 – Running Challenge Between Montreal and New York

  • Nearly 200 employees ran from Montreal to New York City.
  • Each ran approximately 80 km in 10 km relays.
  • A total of 609 km was run in 72 hours.
  • Eleven months of training was required for the competition.

2010 – Ottawa-Halifax Cycling Challenge

  • 100 Pomerleau employees cycled from Ottawa to Halifax.
  • Each cycled 15 hours.
  • Close to 400 km were covered.
  • Six months of training was required for the competition.

2009 – Mt. Washington Climbing Challenge

  • 30 Pomerleau senior management employees particiapted.
  • The challenge involved more than 15 hours of hiking over 5 summits.
  • Four months of training was required for the competition.