Pomerleau redefines continuing training in companies

Vancouver, culture leadership

Members of the Pomerleau team from Vancouver to St. John's will have access to dedicated training resources, as well as a state-of-the-art training center in Quebec City.

Proud to support the development of its employees to offer its customers innovative solutions and incomparable services, Pomerleau is today launching PX3. Much more than a corporate training ecosystem, PX3 is a key mobilization initiative as part of the pan-Canadian FOX (Foundation for Operational Excellence) transformation program that Pomerleau employees are currently implementing to face the changes. important aspects of the construction industry.

To cope with these waves of great change, several companies are relying on virtual training. With PX3, Pomerleau will offer the best of both worlds: the company will leverage new methods and technologies, but will also capitalize on the transformative power of face-to-face interactions.

The Quebec City office welcomes a brand new multidisciplinary training center that can accommodate hundreds of employees per year. Unique in the industry, PX3 demonstrates Pomerleau's continued desire to support the development of its staff to respond to the technological and social upheavals that employees face on a daily basis, on sites, and in offices.

Pomerleau has always had the success and well-being of its people at heart. These are the guarantors of our past, current, and future successes. We have made the choice to prioritize training and invest in our talent, which guarantees our ability to always offer more to our clients. Our growth depends on that of our team members. Showing agility and daring to carry out increasingly innovative projects in collaboration with our partners and customers, this is the primary mission of this center, and of the entire PX3 ecosystem. This initiative is a reflection of the values ​​that drive Pomerleau employees. It will help break down silos and enrich our organizational culture. 

The PX3 ecosystem will also improve the integration process for new employees. From Vancouver to St. John's, they will benefit from a stay at the Quebec City training center. They will then be invited to visit the company's head office in Saint-Georges de Beauce to familiarize themselves with the history and culture of the company.

Building on the value of in-person support, each new employee will receive the support of a training specialist, who will create a personalized development plan for them. These initiatives, led by the Culture & Leadership team, aim to retain and attract the best talents and develop skills and leadership in the company. They allow Pomerleau's clients and the communities in which it works to benefit from the ingenuity, efficiency, and excellence of the best team in the industry in North America.