Investing in the Communities of Tomorrow

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Pomerleau Capital is focused on the future by investing in the now. Pomerleau Capital invests, develops, and manages infrastructure assets in Canada and the USA. Keeping the well-being of our communities at heart, Pomerleau Capital launched an open-ended fund, PCap Infrastructure and Renewables Fund, to invest in lower-risk infrastructure projects across Social and Civil Infrastructure, Renewable Energy, and Real Estate platforms.

Pomerleau Capital offers a unique, “one-stop shop” proposition to both public (i.e. public-private-partnership projects) and private clients by financing, investing, building, operating, and managing assets. To date, the team has raised financing for over $2 billion worth of projects, with over $700 million in assets management.


Generating Long-Term Value Through Real Assets and Partnerships

Pomerleau Capital develops and invests in projects of socio-economic significance. Our goal is to create a positive and lasting impact in communities and future generations. The fund applies a long-term approach to our investment strategy by upholding Pomerleau’s values. Pomerleau Capital is committed to optimizing project development and building trust between partners and clients in a collaborative environment. The financial and social investments made within each project are representative of these goals, from start to finish.

  • Long term approach.
  • Commitment from beginning to end – efficiency and trust.
  • Partnerships.

Our Team has the Expertise Required to Provide a Complete Turnkey Solution

Pomerleau Capital is home to a team of versatile professionals who have experience in meeting investor objectives and client needs. Our team of investment and asset management professionals specialize in contract negotiation, debt and equity financing, and short and long-term asset management functions. Their solutions are reflective of their knowledge and dedication to each project.

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