Pomerleau Welcomes a New Level of Expertise


Pomerleau is entering a new chapter, which involves more complex projects and innovations. To support this transition, the company is adding three new members to its executive team.  

Learn more about how they will be supporting Pomerleau 

Jaime Freyre De Andrade: Chief Operating Officer, Major Projects

In recent years Pomerleau has been building and bidding on some of the largest infrastructure projects in the country. The management of major projects is highly complex, and we have reached the point where a business sector dedicated to this pursuit is required at Pomerleau. That’s where Jaime comes in. 

Jaime is Pomerleau’s Chief Operating Officer, Major Projects.  

In his previous role at SNC-Lavalin, Jaime was Senior Vice President and Project Director at NouvLR, the consortium responsible for building the Réseau express métropolitain (REM) which opened its doors to the public July 31, 2023. 

Jaime also worked for Spain's FCC Servicios Ciudadanos for over 18 years, winning and building transportation, bridge, building, and water treatment infrastructure in Europe, North America, and the Middle East.  

Jaime is responsible for creating a new business sector, implementing best practices, and developing stakeholder relations to ensure success. He is working with his colleagues to continue the organization and structuring of major projects in addition to leading some projects as well. 

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Éric Gaudet: Executive Vice-President, Operational Excellence and Strategy 

Éric Gaudet is Pomerleau’s Executive-Vice President, Operational Excellence and Strategy. He connects IT, Innovation, Integrated Management Systems, Quality, and Strategy teams together to improve business performance. Éric is responsible for increasing synergy between these functions to better support and improve Pomerleau’s performance.  

Leading this key group of functions, Éric and his team are responsible for steering the company's new strategic plan. Éric is renowned for his global, long-term vision which he has honed over years of experience in advising companies namely in the engineering sector. He is responsible for solidifying our foundations by identifying best practices that will improve our operational performance. 

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Vincent Martel: Executive Vice-President and Chief Financial Officer  

Vincent is Pomerleau’s Executive Vice-President and Chief Financial Officer. His objectives are to maximize profitability, ensure company development through strategic acquisitions, and manage cash flow and tax planning to increase the value of the organization. He leads Pomerleau Capital, the company’s private investment arm in infrastructure and renewable energy. Additionally, Vincent is responsible for other functions such as Purchasing and Logistics, Legal Affairs, Risk Management, Insurance and Surety Bonding, as well as Governance and the Corporate Secretariat. By supporting the company’s growth, he is also supporting its value creation. 

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