Nothing is Impossible

female construction worker smiling
My days usually start with problems, but they always end with solutions. I'm not one to give up. I'm more the type to roll up my sleeves and work twice as hard if I have to!

"Make it work." That's what Kenza kept repeating to herself during the years she devoted to the REM project, from 2019 to 2022. When problems seemed insurmountable, Kenza always found a way to make things happen.

Determined and dedicated, Kenza saw the project as a great opportunity for growth. She gained a great deal of experience as the REM was being built. And on the construction sites where she was involved, things were moving at top speed! 

I wanted to develop my skills even further. I told my manager: I don't care about the hours, I just want to learn. He said, 'Okay, here's a problem. Find us a solution.'

Her curiosity and poise enabled her to tackle a wide range of tasks, from foundations and excavation to structure and drainage... many aspects of construction she'd never experienced before! 

An Unforgettable Encounter

Kenza's first contact with Pomerleau came when she completed her mandate on the Turcot Interchange project. She had received offers from several partners, but it was with Yan Dubé, an engineer at Pomerleau, that she felt an immediate professional connection. Yan's calm and quiet strength matched her effervescence and vivacity perfectly. 

There was an aura around REM, it was a very popular project, but what really won me over was Pomerleau's management style and the challenges that awaited me.

Building on Confidence

Needless to say, Kenza is a bundle of endless energy. But like everyone else, there were times when she doubted whether she could solve the problem. For her, what made the whole difference were the human values embodied by her manager, who gave her the courage and strength to carry on in difficult times. 

At one point, I felt like giving up. We had to keep moving forward, even though we were up against a wall. I was able to turn to my manager, who supported me 100%. That really helped me pursue the project in a more balanced way.

Relationships based on trust are at the core of Kenza's work. Beyond the professionalism that is prevalent at Pomerleau, authenticity is for her the spark that makes the impossible... possible. 



About Kenza

Name: Kenza Benkirane 

  • With Pomerleau since 2019. 
  • On a personal note: She is a scuba diving enthusiast.

On the REM project 

  • Since 2019.
  • Title on the project: Field Engineer.
  • Responsibilities on the project: Ensure that plans are respected and that work progresses well.