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Chairman of the Board

Hon Michael M Fortier, cp


Pomerleau is a private company that operates with integrity. Our Board of Directors ensures good governance, strategic discipline and effective risk oversight. With internal and external representation, the Board is comprised of accomplished leaders with varied backgrounds. 

Pierre Pomerleau
Eng. MBA
Francis Pomerleau
Eng., MBA
Dalton J.P. McGuinty
B.Sc., LL.B
Charles Guay
B.Com Finance, FSCI
Patricia Curadeau-Grou
B.Com, Finance, ICD.D.
Alain Tremblay
Annick Guérard
B. Eng., MBA, IAS.A.

Executive Team

At the core, Pomerleau is entrepreneurial. Our hands-on leadership team is a diverse group that empowers efficient and sound decision-making across the company. Together they guide our strategic vision and build on a 50-year commitment to quality, value and unparalleled client service.

  • Pierre Pomerleau

    President & CEO

    Eng. MBA

  • Francis Pomerleau

    Chief Executive - National Strategy

    Eng., MBA

  • Martin Laroche

    Chief Operating Officer - Alternative Projects and Infrastructure


  • Daniel Lessard

    Executive Vice President – Civil & Infrastructure

    Eng., LEED AP

  • Martin Jacques

    Executive Vice President - Quebec Building Operations


  • Ian Kirouac

    Executive Vice President – Canadian Building Operations and Corporate Transformation


  • Isabel Pouliot

    Executive Vice President – Talent, culture and leadership

  • Benoit Mallette

    Vice President and General Counsel

  • Philippe Adam

    Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

  • Marie-Eve Leveille

    Chief of staff

    B.C.L. / LL.B.