NOVIA Residences: Phases I & II

LSR GesDev
Delivery mode
Construction Management
Longueuil, QC, CA
Year built

Pomerleau won the construction management contract from LSR GesDev for the construction of Phases I & II of the NOVIA Residences in Longueuil, Quebec. This complex that prioritizes sustainable development, accessibility and a human-centred environment, is part of a growing trendy neighbourhood adjacent to the Longueuil metro station, the Université of Sherbrooke campus and a host of businesses and shops. There are a total of 375 rental units in the NOVIA complex.

The project consists of:

  • One 21-storey tower and one nine-storey tower.
  • Commercial space, a bistro and 12 townhouses on the ground floor.
  • Rentable office space on the second floor.
  • Two levels of underground parking, shared by both towers.

Innovative solutions included using a 3-D model for the electro-mechanical elements of the project and an optimized visual three-week schedule that eased planning and meeting commitments for subcontractors.

In addition, the project team developed a solution using projected concrete for the excavation and construction of the tower’s foundations on friable rock, which is prone to expansion and crumbling when exposed to air.

While constructing the tower, Pomerleau capitalized on many of the areas of expertise it has developed over the years. One of these was its experience with value engineering. To ensure the project met the client’s requirements during the unforeseen circumstances of a high inflationary economic period, the project team was able to optimize the budget, especially for the building envelope and the electro-mechanical elements.

Another Pomerleau expertise that the team put to work was its quality process.

We had a new quality team entirely dedicated to the project. The daily inspections and follow-ups ensured the quick identification, coordination and resolution of issues and a top-notch delivery.

But by far the most impactful expertise employed on the project was Pomerleau’s approach to collaboration.

This was where we really stood apart. We worked with the client and the sub teams in true partnership, allowing us to deliver the project four months ahead of schedule.

Environmental Considerations

Pomerleau worked with its recycled materials subcontractor on a pilot project to trace the efficiency of the recycling process from the moment the materials left the construction site to their repurposing. This was done with the objective of increasing the percentage of recycled materials on construction sites and throughout the industry.

Sitting area

Our Challenges

Friable Rock

The project team came up with a solution to hinder the friable rock from crumbling during the construction process. This involved using projected concrete during the excavation and construction of the tower’s foundation. The projected concrete created the support and impermeable barrier required to hinder air exposure to the rock.


Since this project began during the pandemic, the project team dealt with supply chain and manpower issues caused by protocols, delays and illness.

The comprehensive pre-construction planning and project organization helped enormously as we faced challenges. The key to the project’s success was the partnerships we built with all stakeholders: the client and the specialty trades. With all the unforeseen challenges, the fruit of this partnership was shown through the successful delivery of a project within budget and four months ahead of schedule.

The Site in Figures


concrete slabs poured


units delivered

539 000

square feet