Cartier subway station

Metropolitan Transportation Agency (AMT)
Delivery mode
Lump Sum
Laval, QC, CA
Year built

Construction & finishing

The Metropolitan Transportation Agency (AMT) awarded Pomerleau the construction mandate for the structural elements and finishing of the Cartier subway station.

Despite the complexity of the project and very strict tolerances for the running surface of the cars, we successfully completed the mandate.

For the project, work included the following elements:

  • Building a gallery that leads to a ventilation shaft
  • Building an above-ground structure to house a subway entrance and the AMT bus terminal
  • Building a 200-m double-track tunnel
  • Relocating a stormwater sewer (over 3 metres in height) and adjacent municipal and public services
  • Removing a temporary detour road (and restoring the site)
  • Excavating the contaminated overburden and rock before casting the concrete for the tunnel and station
  • Performing mechanical and electrical work in the station and tunnel
  • Building an auxiliary service building (and completing its electrical fit-up)
  • Sealing the entire structure
  • Performing architectural work and installing client-supplied equipment

Our challenge

Meeting strict tolerance requirements

We finished the running surface of the cars to strict tolerance requirements to install the track, guide bars, rails and other essential components.

Site facts & figures

>32,000 m3

of cast-in-place concrete