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Lean Construction

In order to minimize time lost, materials and human energy when designing and managing projects, our Lean approach is based on collaboration, transparency, continuous improvement, motivation and responsibility.

Lean™ Construction principles include workflow regularization, location-based scheduling, planning and visual tracking.

Lean's Last Planner® System allows for a collaborative, participative planning and pull planning (start from the final objective and “pull” what is needed). The superintendent is the “last planner.”

The BIM-VDC process works together with Lean™ Construction principles. Facilitating collaboration and participation between all stakeholders translates into a positive impact.

Result? Optimal performance.

A Healthy and Balanced Collaboration

Close cooperation and risk-sharing between architects, builders and customers promotes creativity. By creating an environment conducive to teamwork, the integrated design (BIM-VDC X LeanTM Construction) acts as a positive accelerator.