Canada Line Stations (King Edward, Langara & Oakridge, Bridgeport)

Canada Line - TransLink
Delivery mode
Vancouver/Richmond, BC, CA
Year built

Four new train stations

We were awarded the mandate to build four stations along Canada Line's 19 km network. 

Here is the work we did for each of the new stations:

King Edward Station (below Cambie Street on King Edward Avenue West)

  • Building a glazed portico with exposed wood roof that extends to King Edward Avenue (creating an east-facing forecourt)
  • Adding standard stairs, escalators and glass elevators
  • Installing an arrival train platform adjacent to the public concourse. 

Langara Station (below Cambie Street at 49th Avenue)

  • Adding a northbound public plaza for customers to park their bicycles
  • Adding recessed planting beds with bountiful vines that will eventually outgrow the vertical surfaces adjacent to 49th Avenue and Cambie Street
  • Adding a public concourse one level below the street leading to where trains arrive
  • Adding an underpass for passenger access to the outbound platform.

Oakridge Station (below Cambie Street at 41st Avenue)

  • Building a painted steel structure that clips to the concrete forms and act as framework for a floating wooden roof
  • Adding a rusticated concrete channel to collect roof water
  • Adding a large frameless glazing (providing an unobstructed view to the esplanade and allowing natural light into the standard stairways, escalators and elevators)
  • Adding a public lobby, one level lower
  • Adding an underpass thereby providing access to the arrival platform.

Bridgeport Station

Building three full levels: 

  • Ground level
  • Concourse level (with pedestrian bridge)
  • Platform level

Our challenge

Requiring the strictest work supervision

We needed to manage the work efficiently to prevent disruptions to Canada Line's ongoing operations.