We believe that excellence is based on three principles: a unique company culture, positive leadership, and an exceptional training strategy.

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Three principles for growing your talent

It’s more than an initiative – it’s a commitment to our employees.

PX3 is our commitment to providing our teams with personalized support in both their job integration as well as in their professional growth. At the heart of this cutting-edge experience is our very own training centre, plus dedicated spaces in all our offices.

Équipe PX3

Training that redefines the norm

PX3 is an ecosystem of initiatives dedicated to developing talent. In addition to our dedicated training centre, training and ensuring a smooth integration for all new employees also takes place at all our offices. All this plus our online ecosystem and the many training capsules we have available. 

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A unique learning experience

We want to rethink every aspect of our industry. That’s why we’re constantly improving our employees’ learning experience. To achieve this goal, we put a lot of effort into creating a dynamic environment where the participants are placed right in the heart of the action. We rely on personalized support adapted to the reality of each and every employee from coast to coast.