Our team strives for excellence

For us, quality is an attitude. Our employees get involved and make improvements, both individually and collectively, so we can all strive for the same goal: quality. We are committed ambassadors in the journey towards excellence in quality.

view of a building from the ground

We put the highest standards of quality in place and ensure that our partners and suppliers adopt them when carrying out the work and supplying material. 

Meeting the highest quality standards may be a management mode, but for us it is a true way of life. Our commitment to quality goes far beyond ISO certification. It’s the interaction between five different pillars that allow us to excel on a daily basis: relationships, cost, quality, health & safety / environment and planning. 

All of our employees, from their first day at Pomerleau, are made aware of the importance of a job well done in maintaining our reputation.

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Synergy Awards and National Cup

To strengthen our employees’ and partners’ commitment and involvement, we implemented an awards program. We hand out Synergy awards twice a year to projects under construction showing exemplary H&S and quality in each of our business regions in Canada. We also provide awards to H&S leaders in our organization once a year, and we recognize H&S innovations and successes in each of our regions in Canada. 

Every year, one completed project is also named the recipient of the Pomerleau National Cup for its exemplary quality and health and safety practices.

Check out the latest winner of the National Cup