Introducing Star Horn, Indigenous artist and D3 Journal contributor

Star Horn

Working with Indigenous Nations in a spirit of reconciliation and recognition to engage them as valued business partners. This is a priority for Pomerleau in its ESG strategy. With a rich and unique culture, it is essential that we raise awareness across all employees to understand how Indigenous culture has greatly contributed to Canadian society. Understanding their culture and the challenges they face is inevitably a question of education.

We are proud to present Star Horn, a Kanien’kehá:ka (Mohawk) artist with whom we will collaborating over the next four issues of the D3 Journal, the internal Environment and Sustainable Development journal. Through her work, we will discover the history and reality of Indigenous Peoples in Canada. Discover this talented artist, a true and authentic woman.

An artist can only convey through his or her work the experience they have encountered, confronted, and endured.

From an early age I was taught that all life is sacred and that all life is intertwined, with no separation. In the Kanien’keha language, my name is “Otsisto” (oh-dzis-doh), which in English means “Star”. I am a member of the Bear Clan and grew up learning about the Longhouse, our spiritual, political and social place of gathering. Born and raised in Kahnawake, I am influenced by the strong sense of family, community, identity and respect for the land. My work entails the use of a variety of oil and acrylic colors, charcoal, wax crayons, pencil, photography, ink, collage and natural elements such as birchbark and wood. I also create mixed media work using various vector and digital drawing applications combined with my own photography, that allows me to express, visually, my interpretation of the world. In interpreting my world, I have not limited myself. My work expresses spiritual, historical and contemporary views both as an Kanien’kehaka woman and mother. Visually expressing how strong, complex, ever relevant and evolving our culture has always been what drives me.

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