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The Port of Sept-Îles (Quebec)
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Sept-Îles, QC, CA
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Galerie de Convoyeurs

Gallery Conveyor Construction

Our team's first mandate was to build a deep-water, multi-user dock for loading iron ore in Sept-Îles. 

Subsequently, we received a second general contracting mandate to build gallery conveyors on the same site—with a length of 560 m divided into 14 sections of 40 m.

The second project included the following elements:

  • Building a two-story transfer tower (800 m2) and a second transfer tower with four separate buildings (1,500 m2).
  • Supplying and installing the steel structure.
  • Adding metal cladding to the gallery conveyors (14 units) and two transfer towers.
  • Building concrete foundations for Transfer Tower #2 on the ground.
  • Supplying and installing the mechanical equipment and belt inside the buildings.
  • Planning the construction and design activities (mechanical only).
  • Cost, schedule and quality control.
  • Designing the overall quality plan.
  • Designing the inspection and testing plan for each type of work (structural, cladding and mechanical).
  • Coordinating and installing equipment.

Throughout the project, we also implemented environmental protection measures and followed up on them to prevent any oil spills caused by the work near water.

Our Challenges

Complex Handling

We had to prefabricate the 14 gallery sections, move them via multiline transport and place them on the platform supports via a sliding system.

Simultaneous Work

To simultaneously carry out the construction work for the gallery conveyors and the dock, we had to establish an effective communication process between the two teams.

The Site in Figures


tonnes per hour of capacity.