CFB Esquimalt - Jetty B Rehabilitation

Department of National Defence
Marine Works
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Victoria, BC, CA
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esquimalt job site with crane

Rehabilitation & Remediation

For the Esquimalt Jetty B rehabilitation and environmental remediation mandates, we performed the following work:

  • Preparing and implementing a project management plan.
  • Planning the design and construction activities.
  • Procuring and supervising the site (traffic, signage, training, methodology, logistics, coordination and treatment equipment installation).
  • Demolishing the existing jetty, jetty crane, associated equipment, buildings and utilities.
  • Disposing hazardous materials (lead and asbestos).
  • Dredging the jetty footprint (40,000 m3).
  • Excavating and removing hazardous waste (805 m3) and residual soil (8,200 m3).
  • Building a new concrete tunnel, oily waste tank farm, electrical substation and interface control building.
  • Installing new utility piping.
  • Installing temporary pump stations.
  • Installing electrical cables.
  • Road work.
  • Environmental protection measures and follow-up.

Safety First

With 50 workers on site, we developed a fire plan and two health and safety plans (for our crew and the site).
esquimalt job site with crane

Our Challenges

Presence of Hazardous Materials

We detected the presence of hazardous materials in the water, prompting us to implement an extensive environmental protection plan in collaboration with an environmental consultant.

Requiring Effective Communication

Since the site was always active and many people worked on it simultaneously, we had to establish exemplary and constant communication and coordination channels.

Limited Workspace

We had to carry out the work despite the limited on-site workspace.

Meeting Strict Criteria

This mandate required compliance with strict and complex specifications.

Requiring Special Equipment

We used special equipment, such as cranes, excavators, concrete pumps, barges and barge-mounted equipment to handle the dredging.

The Site in Figures

40,000 m3

of jetty footprint dredging.