David Marr

Managing Director

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David Marr is the Managing Director for Pomerleau Capital. As Managing Director, David is responsible for sourcing and overseeing real estate and private market transactions.

Working with Pomerleau and Pomerleau Capital since 2019, he spearheaded the Fund’s first equity investment in 2021. Throughout his time at Pomerleau Capital, David has collaborated with the CFO’s office and his team to determine the investable universe in real estate and social infrastructure.

With twelve years of experience in commercial real estate transactions, asset management and fund administration, David has a successful track record in sourcing and executing complex transactions, negotiating with multiple stakeholders, and creating lasting partnerships.

Outside of Pomerleau, David negotiated two key joint ventures and managed a 10-project portfolio with a completed value of approximately $1.5 billion for Espacium Sec Real Estate Company.

David graduated from the University of Ottawa’s Telfer School of Business with a Bachelor of Commerce, specializing in finance.

Pomerleau value he identifies with the most: Authenticity.


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