The Excitement of the REM Convinced Him to Postpone His Retirement

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I postponed my retirement to work on the REM, and if I could do it again, I would do the same thing. It’s exciting to end my career with a project of this scale and complexity.

Rocky planned on retiring in 2018, but Pomerleau had a new project for him. They wanted to entrust the REM project to him and at the same time ask him to extend his career. How can you say no to that kind of opportunity? Everybody was so happy at the prospect of keeping Rocky a little longer, and so was he! 

A Ground-Work Kind of Guy

On the REM, Rocky was working closely on project activities, more than he was used to in previous years in his role as Chief Operating Officer – Buildings at Pomerleau. Rocky was happy to be doing ground work again. Getting his hands dirty helped rekindle his passion! 

I like being in the action, taking part in negotiations and concretely contributing to the project. I’m really demanding towards myself and the others, but I think it’s giving good results.

Together Into Chaos

Despite his 40 years of experience at Pomerleau and his excellent knowledge of the local market, according to Rocky, there is nothing that can prepare you for a project as big and complex as the REM. 

In addition to the project complexity, we had to go through a pandemic and a war, which led to exceptionally high inflation. The supply chain was completely disrupted by all this chaos.

Rocky attributes the success of this project to the close collaboration between all parties involved and their ability to adapt. 

We had to adapt ourselves to a bigger but necessary project structure for this project. The cohesion between our teams, the client, the professional team and the third parties is what ensured our success. It really was an exercise in teamwork.

A Family Bond at the Centre of the REM

After the CHUM Research Centre, the REM was the second opportunity for Rocky to work with his brother, Just Roy, former Vice President of Construction at Pomerleau. 

It’s always fun to work together. Sharing this experience with my brother will always be a nice memory. Even if he decides to retire before me.

When his contribution to the REM is done, it will be Rocky’s turn to retire while keeping a watchful eye on the project’s advancement. It will be with pride and a light heart that he will turn the last page of his career. He will leave behind him a remarkable legacy for all in the Montreal area. 



About Rocky

Name: Rocky Roy  

  • With Pomerleau since 1982.
  • On a personal note: He has 2 kids, 4 grandkids. He has recently become a pickleball enthusiast with his wife in advance of his retirement. 

On the REM project 

  • Since 2018.
  • Title on the project: Director of Buildings and Partner Representative at Pomerleau.

Responsibilities on the project: 

  • Supervision and support of the 3 people responsible for the construction of all the buildings in the project (stations, terminals, service centres and parking lots). 
  • Supervision of the supply for the construction of these buildings. 
  • Involvement in the discussions about Pomerleau's role in the partnership with NouvLR.