Building Leadership Through Goodwill

Male construction worker smiling
On the site there are no divisions, we all have to row in the same direction. It's my responsibility to make sure we're a solid team.

When Danny began his career with the NouvLR consortium, on REM's South Shore line, he was in charge of one garage (or Management System Facility). His 30 years of construction experience, however, gradually led him to be entrusted with the construction and supervision of all 26 REM stations and 3 garages. Needless to say, his schedule filled up quickly. All in all, things went smoothly. 

I didn’t come barging in. That's not my way of doing things. I blended in with scenery. And then, I started to make my own mark.

A skilled negotiator, Danny always finds solutions that suit everyone involved. With his vast experience and ability to build relationships, over the years he has established a large network of contacts which he can call on whenever he needs them. 

When I call people and tell them it's to work with Pomerleau, everyone is ready and willing. Humbly, I can say that I have a good batting average.

A Sense of Family

It’s simple, everyone wants to be part of Danny’s team. With his "father figure" energy, he knows how to bring people together and create real synergy within his team. 

In the South Shore segment, we're like one big family. We still have barbecues together. Everyone likes and supports each other. If these people were in a bad situation, I'd be there to help them.

After more than a quarter of a century working at Pomerleau, Danny isn't ready to go just yet! He will keep on working with his larger family before passing the torch to the next generation. Very close to the youngest employees, he is proud to witness their professional development, and happy to see them rise through the ranks of the organization. 

It's as if I've passed on to them a part of myself that has enabled them to grow within the company. It's nice to see. I feel like I'm making a difference in the short and long term.



About Danny

Name: Danny Caron 

  • With Pomerleau since 1995.
  • On a personal note: He is a husband, a dad of a grown daughter, avid fisherman, snowmobiler, camper and homebuilder.

On the REM Project 

  • Since 2019.
  • Title on the project: General Superintendent.
  • Responsibilities on the project: Supervise work labor, subcontractors, procurement and design, while ensuring compliance with work execution standards.