Our Commitment to Indigenous Peoples: Embarking on the PAIR Certification Process

Trois-Rivières Building

Shaping a construction industry that is harmonious with the knowledge and expertise of Indigenous peoples is necessary as Canada continues its path towards reconciliation.  

To take the next step, we are embarking on the Partnership Accreditation in Indigenous Relations (PAIR) certification process, which is designated by the Canadian Council for Aboriginal Business (CCAB), an organization that promotes sustainable business practices between businesses and Indigenous communities. 

This certification evaluates and recognizes our practices and performance regarding our relationships with Indigenous peoples and communities, whose participation in our projects continues to grow. 

For more than a decade, we have executed over 30 projects located in First Nation communities and/or in collaboration with them. Currently, we have 12 active projects that involve Indigenous participation. 

The PAIR certification process encourages us to reflect and improve our practices, ensuring better representation of Indigenous peoples across our worksites and offices. We are committed to addressing the four pillars of certification: leadership, employment, business development and community relations, which are essential for the relationships we wish to build and maintain. 

Achieving PAIR certification isn’t just a mark of approval, it’s a vector of positive change and a strategic investment in building meaningful business partnerships. We are convinced that the economic growth of Indigenous peoples has beneficial effects not only for their communities, but also for Canada as a whole. It's a collaborative effort requiring open-mindedness, a willingness to learn, and a commitment to continuous improvement. The PAIR certification process will guide us in achieving excellence in our relations with Indigenous Peoples and demonstrating our dedication to responsible business practices.

As part of the certification process, a working group has been formed, bringing together employees from various departments and regions in Canada who have experience and/or interest in working with Indigenous communities and their members, to better coordinate our actions. The working group's mission is to bring the certification process to a successful conclusion through an ongoing exercise of internal reflection aimed at improving our methods and developing new approaches.

We are committed to contributing to the prosperity of Indigenous Peoples within the industry and in surrounding First Nation communities. The PAIR certification is one action that will bring us closer to this goal.