The Pomerleau Challenge is Back!

Pomerleau Challenge

After a brief hiatus, we are happy to announce the return of our beloved in-person Pomerleau Challenge. For the fifth edition of the challenge, we are taking our team of 650 participants and 80 volunteers to Bishop University’s campus in Sherbrooke, Quebec. The goal? Live Pomerleau’s values through exercise and team building! 

This year’s challenge is Survivor themed, and it is our largest one yet. Teams competing against one another will go through 17 challenges that will test not only their physical skills, but also their communication, problem solving and collaboration abilities.  

Since 2009, Pomerleau has been hosting challenges to promote well-being and perseverance and raise money for charities across Canada. Participants are given the resources to train together prior to the event. Together, they work towards a common goal, while building relationships and learning from one another- something that is witnessed on our sites daily. 

Pomerleau Challenge 2

Here is a timeline of our previous challenges that inspired this year’s event: 

2009: Mt. Washington Climbing Challenge 

  • 30 Pomerleau senior management members participated. 
  • More than 15 hours of hiking over 5 summits. 
  • 4 months of training was required. 

2010: Ottawa-Halifax Cycling Challenge 

  • 100 Pomerleau employees cycled from Ottawa to Halifax. 
  • Each cycled 15 hours. 
  • Close to 400 km were covered. 
  • 6 months of training was required. 

2014: Running Challenge Between Montreal and New York 

  • Nearly 200 employees ran from Montreal to New York City. 
  • Each ran approximately 80 km in 10 km relays. 
  • A total of 609 km was run in 72 hours. 
  • 11 months of training was required. 

2017: Multi-Sport Challenge in Fjord du Saguenay National Park 

  • 322 participants represented all Pomerleau offices across Canada. 
  • 23 km hike, 200 m Via Ferrate circuit, 6 km raft paddle and a 5 km obstacle course. 
  • The 30-hour challenge was completed over 2 days. 
  • 4 months of training was required. 

2020: Virtual Challenge from Victoria to St. John’s 

  • Over 400 Pomerleau employees signed up and were divided into two teams. 
  • The athletes met on their respective virtual starting lines. 
  • Their common goal was to engage in physical activity to collectively accumulate the 7,289 km that separate our project sites in Victoria and our offices in St. John’s. 


We are excited to see what our employees will achieve this year! 

Would you like to join the Pomerleau adventure? Take a look at our job offers here.