Pomerleau unveils Perspective, its ESG performance platform


2021 has given us the opportunity to take a new look at the construction industry, to re-evaluate our priorities and draw a path to achieve them. That's why we are extremely proud to launch Perspective, our new environmental, social and governance (ESG) performance platform.

The long-term impact of our actions is now the guideline for sustainable business success. The well-being of the planet and communities is a key issue in moving our industry in the right direction. The industry is at a crossroads. It must evolve to be more aligned with current and future environmental and social issues, which are constantly becoming more complex.


Perspective is more than a vision, it's a roadmap to help transform the construction industry in a proactive and transparent way, as we have always done. It’s a guide to building an engaged, inclusive, and innovative community. It’s a path that will lead us to share our solutions – for the planet and for society – with everyone who would like to do the same.

Pomerleau is a forward-looking company conscious of environmental and social issues. Leaders in the construction industry have an important role to play in this transition to a Net Zero world. Our entire industry needs to work together to accelerate our transformation to ensure we do not compromise quality of life for future generations.

Our ESG strategy

With the launch of this platform, we are introducing our first-ever ESG Report 2021, which includes 6 priorities and through which we can measure and communicate the actions we take.

Our efforts are widespread and focus on :

  • Innovation, a way of thinking and acting that is leveraged across our entire ESG strategy to achieve each of our priorities.

We aim to make our value chain more sustainable by contributing to:

  • The fight against climate change, to support the economic transition towards a low-carbon future.
  • The circular economy, to reduce the environmental footprint of our operations.

Our commitments aim to create collective prosperity and support the best talent, by focusing on:

  • Community relations, to sustain our social contribution beyond the life of our projects.
  • Indigenous relations, to make Indigenous Peoples true business partners.
  • Diversity, equity, and inclusion, to embrace the plurality of our talents, to facilitate collaboration, and to create an even more productive environment for growth.

Discover Perspective and our concrete ESG actions by clicking here.