Helmets that Feel Like Home

Casques Concours

To inaugurate our new innovative protective helmets, we held an illustration contest for our employees’ children. Participants were asked to draw a design for our old helmets as we said goodbye to them. The winners, Romy (7), Logan (10), Mathis (11) and and their father, Marc-André Dupuis (foreman at Pomerleau) will receive helmets with their design on it. 

Casque Concours Winner

The contest was established to bring awareness to the realities of workplace injuries and tragedies by reminding employees that OHS is not just about following laws and regulations, but about staying safe for their families. We received more than 30 drawings. 

Our new helmets include a full brim helmet designed to repel rain while providing better ventilation, side impact protections, a magnetic buckle with adjustable strap for easy on-handed use with gloves and an RFID chip to store medical and contact information for medical personnel to use in case of an emergency. The unique design enables the helmet to absorb maximum force and protect heads from direct and angled impacts. In addition to the introduction of the helmets, a new policy regarding the mandatory wearing of gloves on site was also launched. 

We received several amazing illustrations. All of them highlighted the importance of Occupational Health and Safety (OHS), and why we prioritize getting our employees home to their families safely every single day.