Senior Estimator

Sam El Haj

Sam’s job is anything but boring. You may think that as a Senior Estimator, Sam is staring at his computer screen all day behind a pile of drawings and specs, but you would be mistaken. For him, it is the most exposed and interactive job one could ever have.

Since joining Pomerleau three years ago, he has taken on several tasks including consulting with various subject matter experts, compiling accurate cost estimates for various projects, and analyzing project drawings and specifications to assess the constructability, risk, and cost of a job.

Sam’s work sets the tone for an entire project. This responsibility gives him a sense of satisfaction. With an impeccable attention to detail and a sense of urgency, he can bring any project to life. Together with his team, he works hard to create a positive impact by securing projects that support the community.

At Pomerleau, Sam has learned that employees are the priority. Instead of just being given answers, he is given the opportunity to critically think and grow, making him better at what he does. For him, the level of humbleness throughout the company creates a work environment that is prosperous because it pushes everyone to do their best all the time. He feels right at home because his emotions, efforts, and lifestyle are recognized and cared for.


“I’d like to play an impactful role in the development and growth of this community conscious company. There is a strong belief among the offices, from all over the country, that we are one team, and you can feel it.”