Project Manager

Nicholas Tripp

Nicholas loves being apart of projects from their inception on paper to their final stages. He gets to have meaningful input on strategies and effectively works through challenges by building strong relationships with those involved.

Before working at Pomerleau, Nicholas found the construction industry to be very traditional and resistant to change. Since starting here as a Project Manager, he has realized that as leaders in the industry, you need to constantly evolve and adapt to industry changes.

Nicholas has a full repertoire of projects under his belt. As a project manager for construction management projects for various federal government and crown corporation clients, he has had the opportunity to work on laboratories, airports, public infrastructure, and heritage restoration. While on the job, Nicholas participates in the planning, procurement, and execution of all phases of construction.

Whenever he is in a pinch, he knows he can count on his smart and motivated Pomerleau team to support him and provide him with the necessary tools to get the job done.


“Every year I feel that we take huge steps forward in how we delivery our projects. My goal is to bring this collaborative approach and spirit of continuous improvement to each of my projects so we can make them a success for everyone involved.”