Regional Health and Safety Manager

Mitch Flaniggan

Mitch enjoys collaborating with his fellow employees and sharing his knowledge on safety practices to ensure Pomerleau is a safe place for all.

Nine years ago, Mitch entered the construction industry. The fast-paced and ever-changing environment stimulated his growth as an employee and an individual. As the Health and Safety Advisor for projects in Newfoundland and other regions in Atlantic Canada, Mitch gets to meet and learn from people from various backgrounds. He communicates about safety with employees by interacting with them and getting to know who they are. It is a personal and authentic method of collaboration that Pomerleau encourages.

Mitch is someone who looks for new opportunities to build relationships with others and find new ways of doing things. He explores new technologies and initiatives to make Pomerleau a better workplace. He is excited by the prospect of new technologies being welcomed into the construction industry, seeing it as an opportunity for innovation within all sectors of construction. He likes contributing to Pomerleau’s efforts to consistently evolve and do better as a company. It is something he is proud to be apart of.


“Not many organizations invest in their employees the way Pomerleau does. Body, health, and mind is supported through many initiatives offered by Pomerleau. It’s why many of us LOVE it here.”