Proposal Manager- Alternative Projects

Antonia Van Ewyk

Since starting at Pomerleau, Antonia has learned that a business can thrive while leading with empathy.

As a Proposal Manager and Regional Leader for Pomerleau’s Qualifications and Proposal Group, Antonia helps lead the efforts to develop and manage content and logistics for the Public-Private-Partnership projects that Pomerleau is pursuing. Her focus is on building projects (mostly healthcare and education infrastructure) from $200 million and above. She resources each proposal based on the client’s request and works with the Toronto Business Development team to review opportunities, providing each proposal with the support it needs.

Collaborating with the Qualifications and Proposal group has changed the way Antonia works. Her role is multifaceted, bringing together her love of people and construction. Each day is different because she is constantly working with a large variety of people across Pomerleau, who come from different expertise and backgrounds.

Inclusion and collaboration are the themes that support Antonia’s work experience at Pomerleau. With dynamic management programs to help grow leadership internally, to company wide physical challenges and team building exercises, she always feels like she is a member of the Pomerleau family.


My goal is to come in every day, with passion and joy, and have fun while I work. We spend so much time in our lives working that we need to truly love what we do and where we do it.”