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Pomerleau: First company in the world to welcome Spot, the robot on its jobsites!

On January 30, Pomerleau will launch a six-month trial to use Spot, a robot. Spot will travel to predetermined locations around the jobsites to take photos with a camera linked to HoloBuilder, a documentation platform that allows comparisons with virtual design and construction software, enabling a full site view from a remote connection. The photos which will then be used to track work progress and compare it against anticipated budgets and deadlines.


In line with our mission to seek out innovative technologies to optimize our processes and the work of our jobsite teams, Pomerleau is proud to be the first company worldwide to welcome Spot as a member of its jobsite team.


Designed and built by Boston Dynamics, Spot has a few tricks up its sleeve! The robot is equipped with a tracking system that enables it to travel around the jobsite in a fully autonomous way, and identify and bypass any obstacles in its way. It can also move in any direction, pick itself up after a fall, and avoid collisions with its human workmates. Spot is the ideal candidate to explore confined or dangerous areas; it will enhance safety for workers.

It's becoming clear that today, the construction industry must turn to technology to assist and enhance human potential. Pomerleau's approach is to try out different technologies – like Spot – to complement and help workers, and then leverage their talent, skills and expertise for more crucial work.