Olympic Stadium Roof: Pomerleau and Canam rise to the challenge!


Local consortium members Pomerleau and Groupe Canam join forces and bring their expertise to the project to replace the roof of Montreal's Olympic Stadium. 

The project will be carried out in close collaboration with the Olympic Park. It will involve the renovation of existing structures, and the design and manufacture of a permanent roof to cover the play area of an iconic Canadian building. 

The consortium's mission will be to ensure the smooth running of operations to provide the stadium with a new roof. With the expertise of its teams, in addition to a group of around ten collaborators and supported by a local workforce, the consortium will rely on innovative solutions and cutting-edge technologies. 

The project to build the Stadium roof involves a high level of technical complexity and generates a certain amount of enthusiasm from the general public. That's what makes this project so unique. We applaud the innovation and close collaboration shown by the Quebec government and the Olympic Park in this project and look forward to starting work. The expertise deployed by our teams to meet a challenge of this magnitude will showcase our know-how on the international stage. It's something to be proud of!
The Canam Group team, which adds a seventy-sixth sports amphitheatre project to its portfolio, is proud to combine this experience with that of Pomerleau, helping to provide the Olympic Stadium with a modern, permanent and durable roof.