Pomerleau Publishes Its First White Paper


Pomerleau and the entire Innovation team are pleased to present their first white paper entitled: Better (re) build together. Since our very beginnings, innovation has been a central part of the company's growth strategy. It is also one of the pillars of our planning for the next five years. For us, innovation is an incredible lever to accelerate the transformation of our industry towards a more innovative and sustainable future.

BIM technology is one of collaboration. It requires the active participation of all the actors involved in the realization of a project and makes it possible, by associating the plans of the various suppliers and trades, to detect possible interactions to eliminate obstacles or irritants even before the start of the project. This tool is also useful during the project to build more efficiently.

Above all, BIM offers great possibilities in the management of facilities, buildings and infrastructures after their delivery, allowing greater energy efficiency, better maintenance and unparalleled information and data management.

This white paper presents our ideas on the use of BIM / VDC in facilities , once the project has been submitted. We believe that the technology behind BIM can help structure and building owners in wear planning and day-to-day wear management.

We invite you to read our vision and the various elements to consider in adopting BIM / VDC at this stage of the project by clicking here

Good reading!