Pomerleau: A Culture-Focused Construction Leader

Frontify X Pomerleau

The Power of a Democratized Brand 

At Pomerleau, construction excellence goes hand in hand with a strong corporate culture. That's why, in 2021, the company launched a new brand image that embodies its values and personality. To bring this new brand image to life, Pomerleau teamed up with Frontify to create a brand asset management platform accessible to all employees. 

Empowered Employees, Improved Communication 

With Frontify, Pomerleau employees can access all the resources they need to create meaningful and engaging content that accurately represents the company. This empowers them to connect with customers and stakeholders in a whole new way, and it shows. A recent Frontify case study found that the platform has increased employee engagement and improved the consistency and effectiveness of communication across the organization. 

Read Frontify's case study on Pomerleau.

A Culture-Focused Investment 

By giving its employees the tools they need to take ownership of the brand, Pomerleau is demonstrating its commitment to create a culture of engagement and collaboration. And this investment is paying off.  

Implementing Frontify's brand asset management platform has been a game changer for Pomerleau. It has allowed our employees to truly own the brand and bring it to life in a way that is authentic and engaging. The results speak for themselves - increased employee engagement and improved communication. I'm so proud to be a part of this culture-focused company.

So, what's the takeaway? Pomerleau's partnership with Frontify has unleashed the power of a democratized brand. With a brand asset management platform that is accessible to all employees, Pomerleau is leading the way in a new approach to brand management that is yielding real results. Empowered employees and a more connected brand - that's a win-win.