Pomerleau and NCC sign a partnership agreement valued at $ 250,000 over five years

Lac du Portage

A partnership to maintain a wildlife reserve

As part of Earth Day, Pomerleau and the Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC) are excited to announce their first partnership valued at $250,000 over five years. The agreement underlines that Pomerleau's contribution will be rendered in services and financial support up to a maximum of $50,000 annually. The needs for the works required will be assessed jointly by the two parties, as well as their value.

The first project outlined in the agreement is in Beauce, the company’s birthplace, for work required to maintain the activities of the Réserve naturelle du Lac-du-Portage. "Pomerleau wanted to make a commitment to maintaining and restoring natural environments. As we aspire to redefine construction together, our partnership with NCC signals an important step in this direction for us. This project in Beauce, we hope, will open the door to other similar opportunities across Canada,” said Francis Pomerleau, Chief Executive, National Strategies.

Work will begin in the fall of 2021 and will continue for the five years of the agreement. The main areas targeted are, among others, the culverts, the stone wall of the main building, the roads and the reception area showing the site map. The expertise of the two partners will be put forward to ensure the compliance of the work while respecting the environment.

We are happy to count on Pomerleau's expertise to maintain the Lac du Portage property and facilities. Thanks to the contribution of the private sector, NCC is able to pursue its mission to conserve natural environments and make them accessible for future generations. NCC works with families, businesses and governments, in every community, across the country, to join forces to protect nature. Thank you today to the great families of the Beauce region, namely the Scott’s, the Breakey’s and the Pomerleau’s!

The Réserve naturelle du Lac-du-Portage is a place of ecological and historical wealth. Belonging to the Breakey family for over a century, in 2013 the property was donated to the NCC by the grandson, Mr. Rex Scott. This conservation area spans more than 28 square kilometres on the border of the Chaudières-Appalaches region. It adjoins a 1,300-square-kilometre protected area in the Unites States and provides suitable habitat for mammals with large home ranges, such as moose, black bear, Canada lynx and deer. The property boasts four large water bodies, including Portage Lake — the largest lake in the Beauce region. Today, the site makes it possible to reconcile conservation issues with the historical use of the territory for hunting and fishing. This cohabitation is ensured by an involved and environmentally conscious manager: the outfitter of the Lac Portage property. Thanks to the various partners who helped secure the property, NCC is proud to continue the mission of this place and to preserve its integrity and primary mission.