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The Fox Project

FOX (Foundation for Operational eXcellence ), is our answer to a real need. A need to exceed limitations, to become more agile, together, from coast to coast. A proactive initiative, the project invites each of the resources to work in synergy with the goal of standardizing our practices and pushing our boundaries. Because in order to innovate, we must know how to ask the right questions, re-engineer operational models, and always strive for the highest standards.

The FOX Project Objectives

Today, the construction industry is faced with many stimulating challenges:

  • Recruit and retain a qualified workforce in a context of labour shortage;
  • Adapt to disruptive technological advances;
  • Meet the growing demand for investment in infrastructure.

Through our FOX project, we can meet these challenges with uncompromising rigour:

  • Link all our team members to the various innovations in our sector;
  • Centralize and optimize work to make it more efficient;
  • Adapt to the challenges that lie ahead.

"FOX is the vehicle by which Pomerleau ensures its agility and guides the transformation of the construction industry."

- Ian Kirouac, P.Eng.
Executive Vice President, Pomerleau