In the shoes of... builds powerful professional bridges

Every year since 2016, our “In the Shoes Of…” program has helped reinforce the Pomerleau family’s spirit of collaboration and understanding.

The program consists of a series of workplace pairings that strengthens bonds between construction site employees and managerial departments. It’s an initiative that speaks to our desire for open communication and (above all) our drive to develop winning processes among our many teams.


Understanding realities at the office and in the field


Across the country, we conducted 80 pairings between managers/directors and superintendents/prevention officers. The exercise helped those in managerial positions understand what it’s like to be on the job site for half a day.


The professional pairings, which took place this year on October 8 and 9, gave a voice to our superintendents and prevention agents who were happy to share their responsibilities and discuss daily challenges.


 “In the shoes of...” shines a spotlight on the many achievements of our players in the field. It’s a way for their hard work to get the recognition it deserves!

The program builds bridges between the office and the construction site. Regardless of where they work, our employees can use this experience to sharpen their skills.


Pierre-Luc Aubut, a host at NCH Phase 1, notes:


"It was a highly rewarding meeting. It helped me understand the workplace realities experienced by my colleagues on the other side of the fence."

Conversely, management also benefits big from the initiative. Dominique Brunelle, a guest on the Sears Box site, remarks:


"Everyone on the Pomerleau team is important, but the star players are unquestionably our superintendents!"

By taking an interest in the work of others, our family reinforces Pomerleau’s values and continues moving toward better practices.