Pomerleau Celebrates Outstanding Worksites with National Cup Awards

Illustration of awards

Three worksites have been chosen as recipients of this year’s National Cup awards. 

The National Cup is the highest recognition for Pomerleau sites, rewarding projects completed in the past year that have maintained the highest level of environmental, quality and health and safety excellence. 

The three winning projects for 2023 are: Terrebonne High School, the University of Toronto Student Residence and the Enerkem biofuel plant. 

The environmental compliance and performance of a project is essential to its success and contributes to the overall ESG performance of our organization. The National Cup recognizes our champion and exemplary projects. Congratulations to the teams who make us better and greener!

The Recipients

Terrebonne High School Exterior

Terrebonne High School

Team synergy and rigorous planning were key to the success of this project. The LEED Gold building offers superior energy efficiency, reduces carbon emissions, conserves energy and water, and provides the best possible conditions for occupant comfort and health. Building Information Modelling (BIM) played a vital role in allowing coordination between all partners and subcontractors, making up for lost time due to supply chain constraints.

Student residence exterior

The University of Toronto Student Residence

In partnership with UofT Pomerleau developed an entire network of designers, contractors and sub trades that have hands-on experience working on a Passive House project. The building features many low-energy design elements, including high-efficiency insulation and windows, as well as building systems that dramatically reduce energy consumption by 40-60 per cent compared to conventional buildings.

Enerkem jobsite


Rigorous planning prevented health and safety injuries on-site at Enerkem. The long periods of welding required for the pile splicing presented an ergonomic safety risk to the welders. The team found a solution: by over-excavating the area around the piles, the welders were able to have proper posture and not compromise their physical health during the nine-hour welding periods.

Excellence in Everything We Do 

All our projects have high environmental, quality and health & safety standards to ensure the excellence of our operations. Beyond standards and statistics, it's the collaboration, team synergy and state of mind of our teams that enable our worksites to perform and stand out.