Jonathan Johannesen


Jonathan Johannesen profile

Jonathan is the orchestra maestro on the building site. The Pomerleau values for him, authenticity, excellence, adaptability, innovation and love, are values that he embodies every day.

At a time when most people are still sound asleep, Jonathan is already on the worksite. Summer and winter alike, he is hard at work at the crack of dawn to coordinate all site activities, supported by a team of foremen.

As for working on construction sites, he comes by it naturally: his father worked in construction all his career.

Having completed his engineering studies, followed by several years working on construction sites, Jonathan is now like a great conductor. Among other things, he ensures that deadlines are met, and that logistics planning and procurement are undertaken correctly. But above all, he knows how to anticipate and adapt to changing priorities when necessary.

Since the start of his career with us, one thing has struck him: Pomerleau does everything in its power for the team to succeed. Whether it’s in terms of work tools, technological support, modelling or even logistics, everything is in place to move the work forward, quickly and efficiently.

For Jonathan, working at Pomerleau means putting into practice values ​​that are close to his heart, and that makes him particularly proud to be where he is.


"Pomerleau is a company that genuinely takes care of its employees and recognizes them for the work accomplished.”