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Pomerleau LAB 2019: preparing for the future and fostering innovation

This past April 25 and 26, the Pomerleau LAB (formerly known as the "Management Summit") brought together close to 1,000 employees, from coast to coast, in Montreal. Employees had the opportunity to attend several conferences, presented by keynote speakers, all of them experts from either inside or outside the company.

The LAB opened with a panel composed of several members of the senior management team, who discussed their area of expertise and the positive outlook for the industry's future.

"Projects are becoming larger and more complex, combined with historically low unemployment rates. These projects require a strong financial base and service infrastructure. Pomerleau has both," explained Jean-Philippe Towner, Executive Vice President and CFO.

Pomerleau's executive team also spoke about the many growth opportunities in Canada.

"The market is promising in Montreal, as well as all across Canada. To meet these challenges, we must have access to the best resources, create partnerships with our customers and also with specialized partners and suppliers," said Martin Jacques, Executive Vice President, QBO.

But achieving growth means recruiting the best talent. The Talent, Culture and Leadership team explained the strategies it was implementing to hire new talent in a high-employment market. Indeed, it must recruit as far away as Europe to fill vacant positions!

"Our Talent, Culture and Leadership vision is to build the best team in the industry and for everyone to experience our culture, which we call the Pomerleau Way. We will support them at every stage of their careers so that they can reach their full potential," affirmed Francis Pomerleau, Chief Executive - Talent, Culture and Leadership.

It was an ideal opportunity to unveil our new training centre, PX3, which will open its doors in the near future, and propel the growth of our talented team to a new level. With this initiative, we hope to continue our efforts to ensure that our employees fully benefit from our corporate culture.

"We are not only setting up a training centre, but a whole learning ecosystem with a multitude of initiatives. We want to support our employees, right from their first day with us, by training and mentoring them," explained Jacinthe Ducas, Senior Director – Culture and Leadership.

The three invited panellists embodied the values of leadership, resilience and tenacity - the mariner Mylène Paquette, the former submarine captain David Marquet and the former Olympic swimmer Mark Tewksbury. They reinforced the messsage of our in-house speakers, namely surpassing oneself, innovation, trust and ethics. Throughout the two-day event, Pomerleau employees made stimulating discoveries which led to lively discussions.

Now in its third year, the event has reached Level 3 of the Bureau de normalisation du Québec's standard for responsible event management, thanks to the support and collaboration of its partners.

Standard BNQ 9700-253 enables planners, service providers, participants and users to shrink the natural and human environmental footprint of events and enhance their economic and social spinoffs.

Pomerleau LAB 2019 inspired our extended Pomerleau family and allowed them to discover new and innovative approaches to surpass themselves. In this way, we can all work together to move forward and prepare for the future.

We thank all the speakers and participants who took part in this stimulating event.