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International Women in Engineering Day

Today is International Women in Engineering Day: a great opportunity to recognize our bright and talented women engineers who are helping to build our country's future from coast to coast.

"While women are clearly under-represented in the engineering profession, Pomerleau is fortunate to have many female engineering talents as part of its large family. They are a real asset for our teams, and I am happy that they are evolving within the Pomerleau community.”

- Francis Pomerleau, Chief Executive - Talent, Culture & Leadership 

We strongly believe that the success of the company rests on our employees and today, we’re seizing the opportunity to feature six of our women engineers. Learn more about why they chose this profession, what inspired them and how they view their place in the industry.

Anne-Marie De Beaumont-Boisvert – Field Engineer – Civil & Infrastructure, Vancouver

"I was very fortunate to join Pomerleau in October 2019 as part of the B Jetty recapitalization project team on the site of Canadian Forces Base (CFB) in Victoria, BC. My spouse, who also works for Pomerleau, was offered a contract in Victoria. We decided to embark on this new project and move the whole family, with our three young children, to British Columbia. That’s when Pomerleau offered me a position in cost control on this project, allowing me to continue working in the engineering field. I derive a lot of professional and personal benefits from this experience. I am extremely grateful for it.”

For Anne-Marie, being a woman in civil engineering means being challenged every day, surpassing oneself and participating in enriching projects that have a concrete impact on society.  

 Fatoumata Diallo – Field Engineer – Civil & Infrastructure, Toronto

"As a child, I accompanied my father to his workplace. I can still remember when I put on a hard hat for the first time and closely watched as the work progressed. That's when I started dreaming of working in the construction industry. Growing up and throughout my schooling, my father inspired me to pursue my engineering studies and motivated me to make my dream come true.”

For Fatoumata, being a woman in the construction industry is proof of women's abilities to make a significant contribution in a male-dominated industry.

Jessica MacKinnon – Project Manager – Buildings Canada, Calgary

Where I come from, engineering is hereditary! I grew up in a family of engineers and was highly influenced by my dad. I begin my career in the construction industry in 2014 as a project coordinator. Since then, Pomerleau has allowed me to progress into project management.”

For Jessica, being a woman in the construction industry is hugely rewarding!

Josée Ethier – Project Director – APEX, Montréal

"I've been working in the engineering field for 30 years now, and I've never regretted my choice to study engineering! In my current position, I support the proposal teams on several large public-private partnerships (P3) or design-build projects across Canada. I am also working on the C40 project in Montreal, a mainly residential project that aims to reduce the site's carbon footprint and energy consumption by promoting sustainable and environmentally friendly practices.”

Sara Evely – Project Coordinator – Canadian Building Operations, Halifax

I recently obtained my engineering degree, and I'm very excited to start my career at Pomerleau as a project coordinator on the Happy Valley-Goose Bay Wellness Center in Labrador! 

For Sara, being a woman in construction is empowering, exciting and rewarding!

Hilda Samaha – Field Engineer – Borea, Solar Project, Quebec

"There weren't really any women engineers in my entourage. It was my father who inspired my career choice.  My interest in contributing to the innovation of our society also guided me. As an engineer, you have a wide range of career paths to choose from, which allows you to leave your mark for future generations. Yes, we face a lot of challenges in our field, but we're in a continuous learning process and it's really stimulating!”

For Hilda, being a woman in the construction industry means ensuring a positive future for all the girls who want to work in this sector!

Amazing career opportunities are currently available at Pomerleau: .Your talent will shape our story!