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Pomerleau redefines employee development

Pomerleau's team members from Vancouver to St. John's will have access to dedicated training resources, as well as a state-of-the art training centre in Quebec City.

Proud to support its employees' development and provide its clients with innovative solutions and incomparable services, today Pomerleau launches PX3 . Much more than just a company training ecosystem, PX3 is an engagement catalyst that will further support the company-wide transformation currently underway under the effigy of FOX (Foundation for Operational eXcellence) in order to adapt to the various challenges the construction industry is facing.

To adapt to these major changes, many businesses are investing in virtual training. With PX3, Pomerleau will offer the best of both worlds: the company will leverage new technology and methodologies but will first and foremost emphasize the power of face-to-face interaction.

The office in Quebec City now boasts a brand-new multidisciplinary training centre that can accommodate hundreds of employees each year. Unique in the industry, PX3 reflects Pomerleau's continual desire to sustain its employees' development so they will be resilient in the face of the technological and social changes they face daily, on construction sites and offices alike.

 "Pomerleau has always cared about its people's development and well-being. They are the guarantors of our past, present and future successes," explains Francis Pomerleau, Chief Executive – Talent, Culture & Leadership. "We have made the conscious decision to prioritize training and invest in our talent, which ensures we will be able to continue providing our clients with superior services. Our growth is dependent upon our team members' growth. Demonstrating agility and boldness to collaborate with our partners and clients to produce increasingly innovative projects – that is the primary mission of this centre, and the entire PX3 ecosystem. This initiative reflects the values that motivate Pomerleau employees. It will help break down barriers and enrich our organizational culture." 

The PX3 ecosystem will also enhance new employees' onboarding. From Vancouver to St. John's, all new employees will visit the training centre in Quebec City. They will then be invited to tour company headquarters in Saint-Georges de Beauce to learn about the company's rich history and company culture.

Additionally, every new employee will be assisted by a training specialist, who will not only offer individual coaching, but will also create a personalized development plan. These initiatives, spearheaded by the Culture & Leadership team, are designed to attract and retain the best talent in the industry, and to develop skills and leadership within the company. They will ensure Pomerleau's clients and the communities in which they work can benefit from the ingenuity, efficiency and excellence provided by the best team in the industry, in North America.

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