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Alternative Financing and Procurement (AFP)

The best financing plan for your project? Let's talk about it: we will be creative to meet your needs. Our tailormade solutions adapt to all stages of a project's life cycle, from design to operation.

Value Analysis

Budget, schedules, maintenance and operation costs across the project life cycle: you can count on us to find the formula that best suits your needs.

If we have to make a design change to your project or simplify some of our processes, we will. We always offer the most cost-effective solution.

Our attention to detail and our mastery of the issues means you will always make an informed decision.


This step is key for the success of a project. So before we start, we listen. By asking the right questions, we are able to offer innovative solutions. An approach that promotes respect for budgets without compromising the spirit that guides the project.

With you we will:

  • Develop a budget
  • Collect constructability data
  • Undertake value analysis
  • Establish scheduling and sequencing
  • Develop a procurement plan
  • Approve the project and determine the licencing requirements


Before the final delivery of a project, we follow rigorous commissioning procedures. This testing and verification process ensures our clients that all systems in place are functioning according to their needs and established standards. In addition, we will train the personnel responsible for the operation and maintenance of the premises.

Count on it, from the first day, everything will be first rate.

Self-Performed Civil Work

Thanks to our self-performed civil works, Pomerleau offers its clients even greater control over quality, flexibility, scheduling and value.

Specialized services include:

  • Surveying
  • Earthworks
  • Deep foundations
  • Formwork and concreting
  • Grout injection
  • Retaining walls
  • Suspended scaffolding
  • Heavy lifting
  • Marine works
  • Cofferdams
  • Aqueducts