Benson Centre

  • Project

    Benson Centre

  • Client

    City of Cornwall

  • Categories

    Cultural and Recreational

  • Delivery mode

    Stipulated Price

  • Location

    Cornwall, ON

  • Year built


Pomerleau was awarded the contract for this multisport centre made of a steel frame and an outer shell composed of insulated metal wall panels. Of note is that the second-floor flooring consists of a hollow slab. This project is seeking LEED® Silver certification.

Impressive and modern, the new centre houses three ice rinks, all National Hockey League-sized, a tennis court, a soccer field with a walking/jogging track, food service counters, a community centre and administrative offices. The main arena has 500 seats, while the other two have 250 seats each.

Worth mentioning:

  • One of this project’s  “green” elements is the integration of a rainwater recovery system on the roof, which is mainly used for the toilets; as well the roof is covered with a light-coloured thermoplastic membrane to reduce the heat island effect
  • The CIMCO Eco-Chill® refrigeration system recovers the heat generated by compressors for the cooling of the ice for reuse as a source of heating in the building as well as to preheat domestic and service hot water, to enable radiant heating in the floor and for the snowmelt operations. The refrigeration process also includes a bank of ice that stores heat or cold to manage peak demand for heating or air conditioning. A computerized interface ensures that virtually 100% of the energy used to cool the ice is recovered and reused.

Awards and recognition

  • Excellence in Design Award by American Buildings Company.
  • Named the Green Building of the Year and also took Runner-Up honours in the overall ‘Building of the Year’ category.