Lansdowne Park - Horticulture Building

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    Lansdowne Park - Horticulture Building

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    City of Ottawa

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    Construction Management

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    Ottawa, ON

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The project consisted of an adaptive reuse of a sensitive heritage building with contemporary layers of modern design. The Horticulture Building, primarily a steel and masonry construction, was built in 1914 and is recognized as a designated heritage site by the province of Ontario.

As part of the Lansdowne Park Redevelopment, the Horticulture Building had to be relocated; to facilitate relocation, the building was partially demolished, and new foundations poured connecting it to a newly-constructed underground parking structure.

The renovated building now makes it fully usable for a variety of community and commercial functions. The intent of the rehabilitation was to conserve and repair salvageable material of heritage value, and to introduce compatible new materials and assemblies. The finished Horticulture Building includes an events space, a community meeting room and events preparation room located in the North Pavilion as well as long-term retail rental units and office units, located in the South Pavilion. The South Pavilion is the more refined and carefully detailed component of the building while the North Pavilion is more industrial in character. These differences have been respected in the work while at the same time maintaining the overall architectural integrity.

Worth mentioning:

  • LEED® Neighbourhood Development principles were followed, as was the case with the whole Lansdowne Park Redevelopment Project