Lansdowne Park - Redevelopment

  • Project

    Lansdowne Park - Redevelopment

  • Client

    Ottawa Sports and Entertainment Group (OSEG)

  • Categories

    Cultural and Recreational

  • Delivery mode

    Stipulated Price

  • Location

    Ottawa, ON

  • Year built


Lansdowne Park underwent revitalization to become a pedestrian-friendly urban village. As part of the metamorphosis, Pomerleau was in charge of the rehabilitation of the existing Stadium, the construction of new bleachers, a civic centre as well as the construction of underground parking and its connected services. Additionally, Pomerleau also received the mandate for site supervision, where at its apogee, numbered 350 to 400 workers.

TD PLACE STADIUM: rehabilitation of bleachers on the north side and renovation of the Municipal Centre, home of the Ottawa 67s, a junior league hockey team; construction of bleachers on the south side with a total capacity of 24,000 seats.

BERMS AND SERVICES: installation of over three km of various underground services; construction of two underground reservoirs collecting rainwater from the site; installation of the principal berm which served as a gathering place at the end of the construction works.

UNDERGROUND PARKING: parking area of 47,000 m2 and 1,370 spaces; all the services of the buildings located above the parking are provided by the main building; the structure was built on ground whereby 50% was above a water table.

Prior to construction, Pomerleau participated in the design of the structure to optimize the supporting elements of the buildings above as well as in planning the design of electromechanical elements to optimize distribution and rationalize the structure accordingly.

Worth mentioning:

  • Site redevelopment is aiming for a LEED® Neighbourhood Development certification

Awards and recognition

  • Pomerleau and its partners were presented the Award of Merit - Urban Elements for The Veil at TD Place Stadium by the City of Ottawa at the sixth edition of the Urban Design Awards.