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Cité Desjardins de la coopération (Desjardins Head Office)

  • Project

    Cité Desjardins de la coopération

  • Client

    Desjardins Sécurité Financière

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  • Delivery mode

    Construction Management

  • Location

    Lévis, QC

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Pomerleau was selected for the construction of Desjardins Sécurité’s new head office, a 15-storey tower with one level of underground parking and the overall redevelopment of the Lévis headquarters. The new office tower consists of 13 floors and two basilaires which house the common areas: the cafeteria, multi-purpose rooms that can accommodate 300 to 500 people, a gym, and a lounge area to enable teamwork in a relaxed atmosphere.

Related work included realigning Commandeurs Street by approximately 600 metres to make space for construction; building a tunnel and two covered pedestrian walkways to connect the new tower to existing buildings within the complex; construction of a public area with ponds and diverse landscaping, as well as the redevelopment of parking facilities, construction of two retention basins and the dismantling of two existing buildings to make space for the new building (the stone facing of these two buildings was recycled and integrated into the site's landscaping); equipping an underground electrical station with 25-kV switchgear to meet the electricity needs of the new tower as well as the adjacent building at 200 Commandeurs Street; and building an underground electrical conduits to loop Cité Dejardins' electrical and informatical networks.

Worth mentioning:

  • Total surface area of 37,628 m2
  • 13 floors with a surface area of 2,185 m2 each
  • Two basilaires, each with a surface area of 3,720 m2

This project has been certified LEED® Gold and includes the highest indoor green wall* in the world (65 m-high) with nearly 11,000 plants and 42 different species spread over 15 storeys.The basilaires and the cafeteria have green roofs. The ventilation system is of variable air volume and CO2 sensors enable the modulation of the fresh air supply based on the occupation of spaces. A geothermal system supplies approximately 17% of the heating and cooling requirements for the new building. This system is powered by 33 wells that are 183 m deep in bedrock. There is a heat exchanger which preheats the building's fresh air supply. The building is also equipped with sophisticated control systems. For example, the height of the solar panels adjusts automatically based on the intensity and angle of the sun. The lighting provided by low-power flourescent bulbs and LEDs is controlled using a digital interface system that adjusts according to the intensity of the natural light. An automatic system operates motorized panels and allows the green wall to be naturally ventilated.